Back on the road!
(S, K and A) Dear band of epic proportions! We just want to thank you for your amazing concert in Aarhus the other day. We were not many people there due to different circumstances, but for us who where there it was (as always) simply brilliant! THANK you for making our tuesday one of the best tuesdays ever!!! Best of luck and see you next time!!!
(SAM) Copy paste Copy paste Copy paste Copy paste MUSIC !!!!
Brighter Days OUT NOW!!!


(fenders) amazing! best album.
(Jeffrey) I love the new album. Fantastic work!
(mario) My humble review! -belfast-brighter-days-2014.html
(Rafael Castelhano) 
(Uta) another great album guys! Thanx
(JoeJoe) i love it.
(Stephen mcstephen) I just travelled 3 hours to get to your gig in bsl, it was a beautiful homage to the music that I have loved in my life! TAKK!
(From Helsinki) Thousands of thanks for bringing a new amazing album. I just bought it. Now come and play live in Finland!
(Artur ) more of the same :( I'm sorry you have to change or upgrade
(Artur ) more of the same :( I'm sorry you have to change or upgrade
(Gabriel) love the cover not so the music
(Akemi) you have to upgrade
(Caspian) how old are you guys?
() same musical rhythms and sounds in all albums nothing new biuk biuk...
(Gregorio ) I liked more your ​​first album boys
(Eero) saw you live and the woman does not sing only screams
(Dion) yes how old are you guys
(Fini) Eero the chubby woman sings just well I saw her in Denmark
(Yann) Please come to France, we are waiting for you !!!!!
(Vale) We need you in Rome! Please come!
(Ale) We will have brighter days if you will be in rome!!
(cosima) The whole world are seemingly suckers for kooky Scandinavian 'drivel'. Like its a higher form of art because they speak English with a funny accent.
(Caren) Please please please come to south korea
(Jacqie Blue) Come to Canada!!!! Montreal!
(To go) I liked a lot, who would not?
(Mimi) Love your new "biuk biuks" ! just can't get enough !
(Stefan The Man) Thank You for that "Brighter Days" Song, great video
(bomberclad) it was brussels - some summers ago - it was amazing - it was splendid - i still remember - thanks for such a party!
(Alex / Berlin) Great - brighter days with you.
Brighter Days May Tour

(Nessy) Please come back to Ireland!
(dr.froh) yeah switzerland!! (why not bern ;) )
(jamesbailie) your namesake! belfast!
(Antonio) Bruxelles!!!!' it's not that far!
(Titi) Montreal! Come to Montreal!!!!! Please. I'm begging you!!!
(Oxmox) Can't find You in the event-list of Theaterfabrik in Munich... There's another event there on the 23rd of May...
(Heidi) You should come to Finland! For example 8.-10. August we have Flow festival!
(Thomas) Please, consider coming to Milan! You're great as always.
(Clarissa) Hamburg would be great
(Bethy) Brighton! Come to Brighton, UK. It's a cool place and we like dancing a lot!
(tim) great you're in switzerland! but please come to bern!! :D
(Tanja) Where can I get tickets for Mannheim?
() I have my ticket !! Thank you so much for coming to Paris !! YOUPIYOUPI
(Eleonorelecastormulticolore)  I have my ticket !! Thank you so much for coming to Paris !! YOUPIYOUPI
(Ivan) We are looking forward to see you in Russia! (Moscow) :>
(Robert) Please come to POLAND!!!!
(Noriko) Please come to Pittsburgh, PA here in the US someday!!
(Jenn) Miami?
(Matthias) Please come to Brussels, or another Belgian city. But not in June, because I have to study then!
(Katebru) you can't even imagine how many listeners you've got in russia in recent time! We hope you come and make our days brighter!
(James) Yeah!
(Johan) Hoping to see you in the line up for Iceland Airwaves 2014! Love the new album!
() Hope you can come to Portugal soon! Cheers
(FLOW) You should come to Finland!:3
(Patrick) Thanks for this great Show in Basel/Switzerland. Please come back soon.
(Refur) Takk for this evening in Munich!
(Juanmer) Please play "In Line" @ Sonar!!
(Harry) The Zurich concert was incredible! Can't wait to see you again.
(Alexandre) Best show of this year Sonar!!! Can't wait to see u again at Arenal Sound Festival!
(Jay) US tour dates please & thank you. :)
(charlotte) Hope you'll come in Montreal!
(sensi) come to Berlin again!
(Cort) do you know anything about musical instruments like do you know how to play guitar or piano or read music
(Gush) Traveling from Rio de Janeiro city in Brazil to watch the concert in Prague! Please play Tropical!
(luca) come to finland guys (:
(Tom) pls come to Poland (Warsaw!)
(Iliya) Totally agree with (Tom) pls come to Poland (Warsaw!). Visit Warsaw ASAP please!
() Why not Chicago? I mean, it's a little far, but you guys are like THE BEST BAND i have listened to in a long time.
(Gezzer) Mexico!!!! When?
Brighter Days! OUT APRIL!

Download HiRes here
(Jenny) Can't stop dancing! Also, I love your bacon outfits.
(Juanmer) Non Believer and Gold!!Love them!
(felipe) great
We Are Faster Than You OUT NOW!

Our single "We Are Faster Than You is OUT NOW!
Please support us by buying it on iTunes


(Jorge Aravena) very Nice... wooooW!!
(Heiko Marti) Realy nice Song.... makes me hungry for the Album
(Luke) Comrades you HAVE to be returning to London before too long - please advise.
() That's an amazing song! It's impossible not to start dancing! Regards from Argentina!
(Mark) Come to the U.S!!! Richmond, Virginia in particular. I will not have lived until I see you perform live
(Carlos) I love this song!!!
(Derrik) Please support us ? then make good music and learn to sing
Summer Dates 2013

FRI 26-Apr Munich Feierwerk Anniversary Weekend | Free entry
SAT 27-Apr Bucharest Control Club | Tickets at the door
FRI 17-May Skopje Zdravo Mladi Festival @ MKC | Tickets here
SAT 18-May Athens Plissken Festival | Tickets here
SUN 2-Jun Vilnius Takk Iceland @ Loftas Festival | Tickets here
FRI 14-Jun Kosice Pokefest | Tickets here
FRI 21-Jun Neuhausen Southside Festival | Tickets here
SAT 22-Jun Schessel Hurricane Festival | Tickets here
THU 27-Jun Marseille Rock Island Festival | Tickets here
SAT 29-Jun Dusseldorf Open Source Festival | Tickets here
(Ţór) aldrei ţiđ eriđ komiđ í Ró hverju? :(
(alessandro) come in Romeee
(Kaya) Please come to Lausanne in Switzerland! I'm waiting for you!
(Henrique) come to sao paulo in brazil :D
(Marcela) Latin America Tour please!
(Gill) Come to Freiburg in Germany! It's pretty!
(CatsInTheSky) Come to us!!
(tamudo) barcelona!!!!
(Danniel) Colombiaa !
(aytek) come to Turkey again !
(Shesinastro) Can't wait for seeing you guys in Düsseldorf on June29th! And btw, can I jump on the stage with you? (In my underwear, of course!!)
(Yael) Please come to Israel. (:
(hazriq) where can I have the lyric for we are faster than you?
(Raphael) You must come to Western Austria again. You are amazing !!!
(Egill ) 
(tuur) In antwerp belgium they have good chocolate en lots of top-beers
(Siobhan) Airwaves13 was AMAZING! Now I want to see you in the States and make all my American friends experience FM Belfast!
(DooD) Come to Austin, TX!!!!
(Wes) Come to toronto!
(johnnyboy) please come to NYC or Boston, USA!!!!!!!!!~~~~~~
(Andrea) I was in the Airwaves '13... i can't wait to see you again, so come in Italy please!!!!!!!!!!!
(Benda) Prague please!! ;-)
Berlin March 9th. tickets here
(Cam) Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, Vancouver sounds like a great tour, am I right
(Maricken) 23 june @Best Kept Secret Festival Holland? :D
(MGF) Saw you guys for the first time at iceland airwaves. Come to Charlotte, NC.


24-feb | WASHINGTON D.C. | Kennedy Center
28-feb | BOSTON | Great Scott
03-mar | NEW YORK | The Studio at Webster Hall | Tickets
(Oracle) Katmandu
(Cologne) How about COLOGNE or HAMBURG in 2013? :)
(Helena) come to CHICAGO!we love you!!
( just saw you at great scott in boston. i'm officially in love with you all. thank you sooo much for coming to play for us and pleeeease come again. sorry about the drunk idiots that kept storming the stage, we're not all like that... loves to you.
(Elcena) when I said I hurt myself dancing i meant it as a compliment - I'd do it again... come back to boston soon, i miss you already!
(greg ) come to Vancouver. Please come to Vancouver!
(Meara) Come to Austin? :) <3
(Meara) Come to Austin? :) <3
(Cam) canada loves you!
(Cam) I agree with Greg! come to Vancouver!
(Stuttgart) I know Stuttgart is way to small to play there but please come to stuttgart because I can't think about what you have done with my synthia. XX
(manu) we are waiting for your return to barcelona
(Meredith) Come to Vancouver or Victoria!!!! :)
(Fred) More votes for Vancouver...
(Laina) Seattle? Or Vancouver, I could make it to Vancouver. I just saw you at Faktory (yesterday), it was awesome! :)
(Danylo K. ) Ah, shit. Come again.
(Wendell) Come to Austin!
(Cologne) One more for cologne! Was an awesome show at the Werkstatt in 2011!
(Vik) listen here, guys. Chicago dares you!
(DooD) Come to Austin, Tx!!

We will be playing in Bern on November 30th!

Get your tickets here
(shesinastro) I was wondering where your name come from!
(shesinastro) We aslo wanted to know when you come to Malmö! Or Kiruna!
(SymbolForAstronomy) What do you think about the problems of the world?
(Mr.YellowCrocodile) FM! Belfast! Write to the people! And the people will write to you!
(White Ninja) Hoochie Coochie...
(TooMuchStuff) Do you think smart phones are the new replicants??
(Meara) Come to Texas next year! I'd love to see you guys. &#9829;
(FM Belfast) Iceland, Don't know/hope soon, Problems suck, This is us writing to the People, ?, For sure and We hope to :)
(Tblrn) yes, bern! really looking forward:)
(SupersymmetricParticle) I wanna dance with you in underwear!
(Space Kitten) FM, you are Belfast! Do you know a really good recipe for a turtle soup?
(Elise) I've been thonking.. maybe you would like to play in and discover the city of Montpellier, south of France... ?
(Big Star) Dear FM Belfast, WHY are you so funny? ^^
(idontwanttosleepeither) Spread the word about FM Belfast!
(Query) So why isnt the band called FM Reykjavík ?
(The Smith) Kill the queen! Please!
(LittleHelper) In case of emergency call no one one...
(Bumblebee) Do you like colorful Flowers?
(ajnat) Are you coming to germany next year?
(MexicanHat) We are having a party here! Wanna come over? Pusssssss!
(TwoPairOfPears) Give us a cake! A Punkcake!
(Devin) Please come to Canada!!!!!
(Canada) I am from Katmandu! Do you want some espresso tea, dear sweethearts?:)
(Katmandu) Du-bi-du...
(hank) just:WOW!
(Santa) Happy New Year, you, FM, Belfast
(364togo) I know I've been here before!
(LeGuessWho) Please come to Melbourne, Australia. I promise my friend Ed will take his pants off and dance in his underwear again...
(frengers) Come to Vancouver please!!!!
(Kimberley) Come to Montreal, please!
(Arturo) Please come back to spain!!!!!! Your concert in low cost festival is unforgetable!!!!! Not only for me, lot of people want to see you soon in spanish lands
DeLorean out now!
(joe) i hope you come to Calgary soon!!
(Ramón) This song has been all kinds of purchased by me. :)
(FM Belfast) we'd love to come to Calgary Joe... MAKE IT HAPPEN!
Thanks for your support Ramón it's much appreciated.
(Weston) Come To Toronto! :)
(Fabian) And Zurich again please!!! Or anywhere in Switzerland =)
(Dani) Yeah Zürich please, please please ;-)
(Marco) Any date in Reykjavik this december? I'll be there and I-d like so much to see you guys playng live! Bless!
(Caroline) Fara til Norđurlanda! (;
(Charo) Please go the 930 club in DC in late November 2012!!
(Mix) Come to Mexico!!!
(Linda) Come to Belfast guuuuys!!!
(Shellie) Hear "Mondays" on Icelandair and now I'm obsessed with you guys, I downloaded both albums and LOVE your music!!
(vanAken) 367027736706367&set=a.350034511739023.80 151.316354328440375&type=1&ref=nf
(vanAken) just for you... an Iceland Airwaves Festival flyer :) greats from Berlin !
(A) Pls. come to San Francisco!!!
(Manuel) Hi there! any idea when will you be touring Europe again?
(riotgirl) i support the idea of, you guys coming to Mexico!!!
(Boss) Toronto or calgary or Montreal
(LTD.Edition) Don't forget Vancouver too, Artic Nations Tour, Do it!
(Rebecca) Come to Belfast :D
(brad ) if your coming to Vancouver come to Victoria it's only an hour away! but i would go to Vancouver!
(Dayana ) Just wanted to tell you guys that you were awesome last saturday in St. Gallen! although it was just the two of you, you really rocked! Definitely one of my best nights here! Would be awesome if FM Belfast could make it to the Openair Festival in St. Gallen!
(greg) ill give you two high fives and a fun size snicker to play in richmond before the world explodes
(Pat) Pleaseeeeee!!! Come to Mexico :)!!!
(Caroline) I fucking love this. <
(Gunnar) so fett der Track.
(ferreiro89) please come to the bbk live this summer!! 12-14 july
(elsa guérin) i like you... so much
(shiryou) greet from PL.
OUT TODAY (27/04/2012)

Out today!

Zurich | March 16th
(Kitti) You know it is EVE Fanfest at the end of March. I hope you come back to Iceland by then and have an epic concert for us.
() Come to Arenal Sound by any means PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!
(M) :)
(Becki) Please come to Hamburg when you are in Germany in June!!!
(Anto) Madrid!!!!!!
(D) Come to Belfast
() jump in a volcano
(J) I just saw you live at the Kaffibarinn. COME TO AMERICA!!!!
() come to switzerland
(Heidi) Finland. Please, come to Helsinki! Please......
(James) Hi Guys I seen you a few years ago at the waterfront hall in Belfast northen ireland and would love to see you again. please come visit and make new friends
(M) please, please, please come to Hamburg
(zoe) come to belfast! we would love to have you back!

Amazing ! Come To France Again !!!

(tee) don`t miss switzerland in summer! :)
(maki) please come to prague !!!!!!!
(Aless) Come to Ukraine!!! Please...
(Steffi) Hamburg!!! Appletree Festival!!! We need you!!! :)
(john) come to new york city please and rock the sh*t out of my socks
(john) you guys can stay with me about an hour away from the city if you need
(Katja ) hi, guys, come please to Saint-Petersburg! if u are going to Moscow, then whu don't u drop at SPB? takk fyrir! :)
(hey) Come visit Estonia again. I was serving my time in the army and could not climb over the fence that night.
(Mike Magee) Wow..., what a discovery, BRILLIANT band. PLEASE..., come to AUSTRALIA..., pleeeeease?
(Eric) San Francisco soooooon!!!!!
(O) <h1>Come to NYC! You can't have just ONE performance in Boston!</h1>
Vertigo Tour 2011

Happy, happy tour plan!
(enzo) poland?? :-(
(Justin) New York!
(Patrick) Please please please please please come the UK soon
(gemma) milan, italy :(
(hobosan) Tokyo?
(bubba) come to Kyiv, Ukraine, PLEASE!!
(vertigoo) COME TO CHICAGO!!!!!
(Torben) PARIS soon please! You are awesome!
(Torben) again...
(ata) why not madrid? but bcn...
(Juu) Feldkirch!!
(middleFinger) don't come to OHIO
(tess) Prague? I damn sure you would love that!!!
(das) Frankfurt was great tonight
(Xav) See you in Razzmatazz! Thanks for coming! I've been expecting you so long!
() Need no more christmas gifts. Got the perfect onr yesterday in ffm. Thank you for a very extatic evening!!!
(ehehh) can you please come to OSLO ?!
(logan) LONDON??? PLEASE?...
(@Zachamon) Minneapolis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for seriously real. Home of Prince. Home of Prince's First Avenue Danceteria. Home of your greatest fans!
(j) see you guys tomorrow :)
(CONFETTI @ FLEX ;)) let's have a Party in Vienna @ FLEX that shall never be forgotten :D :D :D
(Hilde) SAN FRANCISCO!!!!!!!
(Rebecca) France in January?? is that what I've heard????
(Aleksi) FINLAND !
(Luka) Prague
(Jose) England/Spain
(aj) TOKYO
(claudia) Please come to Rome! We love you guys!
(Caumssado) Please, come in Brazil!!!!
(DoctorJ) Portland Oregon Pleeeazzze!
(Git) What about Toulouse?????
(Kislach) come to the nahooooi
(Kislach) i v pizdu
(Julie) screw everything and go to MOSCOW
(Julie) moskva zvonyat kolokola!
(claire) London??
(manu) bilbao bbk festival?
(sparky) Come to Leipzig Germany again please!
(Calejon) #LEGALIZE
(Jakob) Vengan a México!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(Zé) vancouver Vancouver
(Zé) Vancouver CA!
(Stephen) Detroit Funk City
(Lydia) Beeeeerlin or Leipzig would bei amazing!! :))
(David) Suisse
(As) Tokyo
(Dirk) Please visit Cologne/Germany once and many times again! You're great!
(Marcio) Guys PLEEEEEEASE come to South America!!!!! Like, REALLY! Brazil and Argentina will get totally CRAZY with you guys around here!!!!
(Melvin) Please come to LOS ANGELES in 2012!
(Edwin) I love your music... It`s excellent!!!
(Edwin) I don`t want to go to sleep either... it`s better what I`ve heard... Like
(sebs) north germany (bremen) please!!!
(kraut) yeah what about NYC or BOSTON! toadz to the goatz
(RyanDC) England :'(
(Torben) Paris!
(Caoimhin) Barra, Western Islands, Scotland/Alba.
(Yuri) COME TO KYIV!!!
(Vasil) come to kyiv, UKRAINE!!!!
(Jens) Vancouver, CANADA, Please!!
(Runa) MAAAAAADDDDDDDDDDRID!!!!!!!!!!! But right now!!!!
(Pavel) Openairfestival - CZ - pleas, pleas, pleas .)
(Marco) Venice, Italy!!!
(Oleg) Moscow i love you!
(Sören) great concert at rock am ring, thanks! please come back to cologne!
(Antje) You rock! Rock am Ring!
(Matt) Oh, were is Poland? :<
(sophia) this is 2011..I'd like to see you in 2012 in Berlin!!
(Déaglán) Tar go Béal Feirste! Come to Belfast!
(grazz) POLAND!!!!
(Mix) Mexico please!!!
(Robert) <span style="color:white"> Amazing!</span>
(sol) Liverpool awaits you we have a dock where you can park your boat and the best fans in the world
(Felipe) Come to south america!!
Vertigo Remix EP is out TODAY
WOOHOO! Get it here
(Diana) Dude, I've just become your fan. Thank for your music and for sharing your talent